The Ladies Man – Ipanema


The challenge of the project was to transform an old apartment in Ipanema, a bohemian redoubt in Rio, into the perfect weekend refuge for a couple from São Paulo and their four children.
The sunny and warm atmosphere of the city a very particular view, a childhood dream, an old movie starring the master of comedy, Jerry Lewis (The Ladies Man, 1961), an anthological scene brought to the project a translucent mood with shades of white and wood.
The treetops of the street trees deliberately permeate the room by a large mirror on the central wall. Thus, the space expands in such a way that nature in Rio de Janeiro seems to integrate with the planes of what happens between those walls.
The living room is the big star. Everything opens up towards interactions, meetings with friends and family.
The cozy and quiet rooms are made for resting, without any interference that might promote excitement.
A place to rest and enjoy.